Who are you?

Hi! Welcome to my first blog post and my internet home. To kick this off, I am going to share ten things you probably didn’t know about me. Make sure to introduce yourself in the comments once you’re done reading!


  1. First off, my name is Shannon, I am 21 years old and I live in Suffolk in the South-East of England.
  2. I am a major Disney enthusiast. I own all 54 Disney Classic films which I have a whole bookcase dedicated to.
  3. I am also a major beauty enthusiast. I cannot help myself when it comes to buying makeup and trying out different looks.
  4. I suffer with anxiety, depression, OCD and panic disorder. This is part of the reason why I made this blog. I would like to be able to have my own little space on the internet where I can offload, but I also want this to be a place for positivity.
  5. I am sucker for horror films / video games.
  6. Halloween is my favourite time of the year. I love any excuse to dress up and it also gives me the opportunity to get away with going even more wacky with my makeup than usual.
  7. I love animals more than people, especially pugs. I hope to own two of my own one day!
  8. I used to be a major One Direction fangirl. Although I must admit, I still am a little bit to this day (shhhhh).
  9. I hope to one day get to backpack around Australia. When I was younger I always dreamed of living in Australia, but now that I am more grown up I have realised that this may not be possible. So, backpacking for a month or two is the next best thing!
  10. I have a really bad memory. I often forget what day it is or what I had for dinner just half an hour ago!

Make sure to introduce yourself in the comments below. I would love to get to know you!

Until next time..

Shannon -xo

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